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A. Chemical biology and drug discovery (5)
1 SY2-3 Chemical Biology Ho Jeong Kwon Yonsei University
- -
2 SY3-3 Emergent Technologies for Bio-Hazard detection Yong Beom Shin KRIBB
Junghong Min Chung-Ang University
3 SY6-3 Bioactive Natural Products Sang Kook Lee Seoul National University
John M. Pezzuto Long Island University
4 SY11-3 Gene & Cell therapy  Yeon-Soo Kim Chungnam National University
Pembe Hande Ozdinler North Western University
5 SY8-3 Translation from biology to drug discovery Sunghoon Kim Seoul National University
Nenad Ban ETH
B. Genomics and Proteomics (4)
6 SY9-1 RNA biology  Seongho Ryu Soonchunhyang University
Vivek Mittal Weill Cornell Medical College
7 SY2-4 Proteomics  Young-Ki Paik Yonsei University
Alan Saghatelian Salk Institute for Biological Studies
8 SY2-1 Genomics Woon Bong Kim KOBIC
- -
9 SY11-4 Genome instability Kyung Jae Myung IBS
Tanya Tamiko Paull University of Texas at Austin
C. Immunology (5)
10 SY3-1 Immune Activation and Regulation Sung Gyoo Park GIST
Chun Geun Lee Brown University
11 SY4-2 Inflammation Raekil Park GIST
- -
12 SY5-2 Infectious diseases Eun-Kyeong Jo Chungnam National University
Robert L. Modlin David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
13 SY6-2 Viral Disease & Vaccine Sungjoon Kim KRICT
- -
14 SY7-2 Immunological disorders Wan-Uk Kim Catholic University
Ethan Shevach National Institutes of Health
D. Metabolism and metabolic diseases (3)
15 SY5-1 Metabolic Homeostasis and Regulation Young Yang Sookmyung Women's University
Sheng Cai Lin Xiamen University
16 SY2-2 Metabolic regulation Jin Han Inje University
- -
17 SY11-2 Diabetes & obesity Inkyu Lee Kyungpook National University
Ajay Chawla University of California Scholl of Medicine
E. Microbiology (2)
18 SY1-2 Microbiome Jihyun Kim Yonsei University
- -
19 SY3-2 Host-microbe Won Jae Lee Seoul National University
- -
F. Neuroscience (3)
20 SY1-3 Synaptic protein functions and dysfunctions Eunjoon Kim KAIST/IBS
Tobia M. Böckers Ulm University
21 SY4-3 Brain Research Bong-Kiun Kaang Seoul National University
Kaoru Inokuchi University of Toyama
22 SY5-3 Neurodegenerative diseases  Hyewhon Rhim KIST
Zilong Qui Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Science
G. Plant biology (1)
23 SY11-1 RNA structures in plant development Ildoo Hwang POSTECH
Martin Crespi Institute of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay
H. Protein structure and function (3)
24 SY8-4 Protein folding & diseases (Ab theraphy)  Young Woo Park Y-Biologics
- -
25 SY2-5 Frontiers of structural biology Jieoh Lee KAIST
Nieng Yan Tsinghua University / Princeton University
26 SY5-5 Intrinsically disordered proteins and diseases Kyou-Hoon Han KRIBB
Christian Griesinger Max Planck Institute Biophysical Chemistry
I. Bioinformatics and systems biology (3)
27 SY9-2 Systems and in silico biology  Dae Hee Hwang DGIST
- -
28 SY10-2 Biomedical applications of big data Sanghyuk Lee Ewha Womans University
- -
J. Cancer biology (3)
29 SY1-4 Tumor Microenvironment Young Joon Surh Seoul National University
- -
30 SY4-4 Cancer and Immunity Tae-Yoo Kim Seoul National University
- -
31 SY6-4 Cancer Metabolism Soo-Youl Kim National Cancer Center
Jung-Whan Kim The University of Texas Dallas
K. Cell biology (3)
32 SY7-1 Cell Fate Control Jae Ha Ryu Sookmyung Women's University
Suzie Chen The State University of New Jersey
33 SY4-1 Extracellular vesicle biology Yong Song Gho POSTECH
Takahiro Ochiya National Cancer Center Research Institute
34 SY6-1 Cell adhesion and dynamics Young Gyu Koh Korea University
- -
L. Development and regeneration (3)
35 SY9-4 Developmental biology  Ho Jae Han Seoul National University
Mattew S. Rodeheffer Yale University
36 SY5-4 Stem Cell Epigenomics  Young-Joon Kim Yonsei University
Salvatore Oliviero Human Genetic Foundation Torino
37 SY10-4 Aging and Longevity Jae-Ryong Kim Yeongnam University
Tohru Minamino Niigata University
M. Molecular medicine and  disease models (3)
38 SY7-3 Precision medicine Woongyang Park Samsung Medical Center
- -
39 SY9-3 Disease model (supported by IMPC) Je-Kyung Seong Seoul National University
40 SY10-3 Disease model (supported by KMPC) Je-Kyung Seong Seoul National University
N. Protein modification and regulation (4)
41 SY8-2 The Protein Secretory Pathway  Min Goo Lee Yonsei University
Catherine Rabouille Hubrecht Institute
42 SY3-4 Autophagy & protein turnover Yung Dae Yun Ewha Womans University
- -
43 SY7-4 O-GlcNAc Biology Jin Won Cho Yonsei University
Gerald Hart John Hopkins University
44 SY1-1 PTM in Cell Signaling Jaewhan Song Yonsei University
Yongtae Kwon Seoul National University