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Young Scientist Program

YSP 2018 will bring together approxiamtely100 talented postdocs and PhD students across the world who are involved in the field of biochemistry and molecular biology. YSP 2018 offers the opportunity to young scientists to share and exchange scientific experience, present their work to an international audience, meet internationally renowned professors, promote their scientific future and career.

* Key Dates

- 31 August 2017 : Online registration opens.
- 26 January 2018: Online registration and abstract submission deadline.
- 28 February 2018: Winners of YSP fellowships are to be announced.

* Participants are:


A member of an IUBMB-related national or international society that is a member of IUBMB or its regional federations namely FASBMB (Africa), PABMB (North & South America), FEBS (Europe) and FAOBMB (Asia & Oceania)


In the late stages of PhD training or a postdoctoral fellow within 5 years of obtaining his/her PhD degree.


Assistant professors who has been appointed within 3 years.


A recipient of a fellowship from previous IUBMB YSP and YSF are not eligible for the fellowship but able to participate in the meeting.


IUBMB 2018 registrant